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Slideshow Creation

The 1KA tool allows you to create a slideshow easily, which you can then embed onto your website. This functionality is only available to 3KA private package users.


A slideshow can be created in the same way as any other survey. You simply add the survey name, click 'Create survey' and select the category 'Survey: General questionnaire (all types)'. Questionnaire editor will appear. Access the ‘Advanced modules’ tab (click on the wheel icon at the top of the page) and select the 'Slideshow' option. A new tab will appear, which allows you to set up the slideshow. You can configure the following:

  • Time interval for questions: Allows you to set up for how long each question, which has the function of a slide, is displayed. Advanced settings allow you to set up the time interval for each individual question. If we want the time interval to be the same for each question, we select this option and set up the time interval, and click 'Reset interval for all questions';
  • Saving entries: in case you wish to save views of individual slides, or if the slideshow includes questions and we wish to save the answers, select 'Yes' in the option 'Saving of entries (previews)';
  • Animation start up and button display: allows you to set up which action sets off the animation and ways in which individuals can navigate the slideshow, if it is not automatic. You can also set up the display of forward, back and pause buttons.


After you have set up the basic properties of the slideshow, move to the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab. We add as many 'introduction' type of questions as there are slides, by navigating the mouse cursor onto the orange + icon and selecting 'Introduction' from the 'Special questions' category. We add a page break for each 'introduction' type of question. In case we want the slides to consist primarily of text, it should be entered directly into the editor of the questionnaire, which can be additionally edited by clicking on the 'Edit' option.

The slideshow can also consist of images only. The selected images can be uploaded by clicking on the 'Edit' option without any text input. A text editor will appear, in which you click on the image icon. A new window will appear, where you can click the 'Browse' button, upload the image in the next window, and click 'Go'.

You can also hide the introduction and conclusion, which is set up in the introduction and conclusion editor.


If you want the slideshow to look the way you have set it up, you must select a theme that does not have an influence on the design of the survey. In the 'EDIT' – 'Design' tab, select the 'Slideshow' option. In case the slideshow consists of more than just images and is to be embedded on a website, select the 'Embed' theme.

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