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Settings for exporting PDF/RTF files with responses

Users can export the entire questionnaire ('Survey export') as well as output of respondents' responses ('Answers export') from 1KA to the PDF or RTF format. Answers export can also be used in the thank you page, where respondents can export their answers. You can also use notifications on completed surveys and attach a link to their answers.

In the 'EDIT' – 'Settings' – 'PDF/RTF exports' tab, both exports can be additionaly adjusted.

For survey export several settings can be changed. The numbering of questions, conditions (IFs) and introduction can all be shown or not shown in an exported output.

Answers export can be set to show a long, short or default copy. Orientation of the output can be set into landscape or portrait mode. Settings such as font size, question numbering, display of recnum (successive number of respondent) and display of conditions (IFs) can all be changed. Answers export can be set to not show questions and sub-questions where there are no responses. If you want to export all respondents’ questionnaires, you can alter the settings in such a way that every respondent starts with a new page.

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