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With the panel provider you must agree on:

  • What variables or data they can provide you and which data must be returned to their system after the survey is done. In that case, the code or the ID of the respondent should be enough;
  • Where and how is your block of questions going to be shown to the respondent, which blocks of questions stand in front or in back of your questions or is that going to be an independent survey;
  • Cost of using the list of respondents from the panel.

1KA module settings for panel integration

After activating the Panel module in the 1KA tool, with which you can recruit the respondents via a commercial panel, default settings are activated, offering you to connect the data from the panel with data in 1KA. For the majority of cases default settings are sufficient and we advise you not to change them.

  • URL after finished survey: add to the URL the names of the variables (questions) of data (values) that you want to return back to the panel. For example, if you want to return the ID and status of the respondent, you must enter in the URL the following: https://www.nameofthepanel.com? SID=RESPONDENT_PANEL_ID&status=PANEL_STATUS
  • User ID parameter name: when activating the module, the variable for respondent’s ID with the name SID is automatically put in the questionnaire (labelled as systematic and hidden). Although, the name of the variable should be the same as in the panel.
  • Status parameter name: parameter name of the status that returns to the panel (and to the URL for redirection after the end of the survey).
  • Status default value: the default value of status is set to 0. Additionally, you can set different statuses which are returned in the URL after the survey is completed, regarding how the survey is going to be completed by a respondent. In that case, within individual conditions in the questionnaire (IF-s), a suitable status can be set (value of the status that is returned in case a certain IF condition is fulfilled). If the value of the status is not set for any condition, then the final URL has a status equal to the default setting (0).
  • An example of a URL for entering a survey: https://www.1ka.si/a/161999?SID=RESPONDENT_PANEL_ID
    • The panel provider must generate the URL of the survey with inputted values of the respondent’s variables. When the respondent clicks on the URL, their ID and all potential variables’ values are registered in the database of 1KA.
  • An example of URL for redirecting after the survey: https://www.1ka.si/d/en

Condition settings (for panellist’s status)

In case the Panel module is activated there is an extra setting on the right side while editing the questionnaire named ‘If condition is true set panellist status value:’.

In that blank space, you can enter different statuses (for example, if the respondent answers question Q1 with answer 1 (for example, male gender), status 1 is returned to the URL).

For more information and about turning on the Panel module, please contact us via this form >>. Using the existing module Panel on page 1KA is possible in package 3KA, in the case of necessary extensions and upgrades, the development is charged according to the published price list.

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