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Measurement and Time Limitations for Responses

For each variable, you can limit the time available for a response. This can be done under the 'Advanced' option for each question in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab, where you can select 'Timer' and set the display time for survey questions. Only one timer can be set for each page. When the time is up, the survey will be redirected to the next page automatically, regardless of whether there are questions that do not have a timer on the previous page. We, therefore, recommend that you add a page break after you set a timer for each question.

If you wish to measure the answering time for each question, you must also create a separate page for each question, since time is only measured for each page. You can enable paradata in the 'DATA' – 'Browse' tab (first you must open 'Quick settings'), which logs the date and time when the respondent started to complete the survey. The average page times are listed in the 'TEST' - 'Duration' - 'Actual time'.

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