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Manual Coding

With manual encoding in the 'DATA' – 'Computations' – Manual coding' tab, you can choose a variable that you wish to code, and click on any unit (value). Click on the value of the variable (columns), which was entered by one of the respondents (rows). A new window will appear, in which you select 'New coding variable'. Select a name for the variable and click 'Add'. In the new window, add all the possible responses to the variable (each response is confirmed by clicking on the + icon). When you are satisfied with the number of new responses, select into which values you would like the responses to be recoded, and click 'Close'. When you click on the content of the same variable, but with different respondents, the recoding options will be automatically displayed. For a list of the recoding values, click 'Start a new computation of recoded values', which is found at the top of the page in a yellow background.

If you wish to change the response type of the new variable, click on the pencil icon (Edit) next to the name of the variable in the new pop-up window. The new variable (question) can also be changed in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab.

Manual coding also allows you to correct automatic coding.

Manual coding is only available to 3KA private package users.