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Insert numerical answers with slider

'Slider' can be inserted into a questionnaire in two different ways. It can be chosen from the set of all questions types or used with question types 'Numeric input' and 'Number table'. Second option requires changing of input type to slider. Additional options are also available:

  • display of Slider’s handle (in this case a selection is displayed to users as a red circle);
  • disable display of the number above the selected point;
  • display of all possible answers (all possible answers are displayed on the slider - if Slider's handle is enabled answers are shown in the shape of an ellipse and is Slider's handle is disabled answers are displayed as a red circle);
  • slider’s step;
  • minimum and maximum;
  • display of intermediate lines;
  • display of numerical labels (minimum and maximum);
  • display of intermediate numerical labels;
  • display of descriptive labels at maximum and minimum that can also be renamed;
  • display of default intermediate labels (determine the number and descriptive label that you want to associate with the selected number);
  • display of area labels (determine the number of areas and name them).

Example of a survey with slider >>

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