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Hiding Answers in Already Active Survey

With all question types where you have different numbers of categories it is possible to hide an individual category. It comes in handy when you already have some collected data and you don’t want new respondents to see a specific category. In case you delete the category, previously collected data will namely be deleted from the database.

This functionality is recommended especially with registrations for events, workshops, ordering products and other cases, where for some reason one or more answers aren’t up-to-date (e.g. workshop is full, the product isn’t available anymore).

By clicking on a specific question you can access additional settings on the right side by each category, such as advanced editing, conditions, delete category and as described above – 'hide category' (icon in the shape of crossed-out circle). When you hide a category, the icon for hiding will colour red.

Example of a survey with a hidden answer feature >>

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