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'Heatmap' Question

'Heat map' is a type of question that allows graphic presentation of results in the form of colours.

First of all, it is necessary to insert the type of 'Heat map' question in the questionnaire, which allows the respondent to communicate feedback about the image that is on the question and differs from the hotspot question because the respondent is not limited to the choice of predefined places in the picture, but can mark all the parts of the image (of course, we can also restrict the areas if desired).

The 'Heat map' question can be found in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab, in the left column of the set of all types of questions under 'Specific questions'.

When set in the questionnaire, the settings editor opens to the right. Under the basic settings, the most possible answers can be determined. If we select more than one, we can also indicate whether the click counter should be shown. In addition, we can indicate whether clicks are displayed and the colour and click size can also be selected. For a click shape, we can choose between two options: a circle or a square. If desired, we can also add a specific area in the picture. We do this by repeatedly clicking on the desired part of the image and, if desired, pulling the junctures of the shape that arises. The points or junctures can be erased with a right-click. You can also add the name of the area.

In the 'ANALYSE' – 'Statistics' tab, we have basic statistical calculations as for other types of questions. There is also a 'Heat map' option, where graphic display of the results on the selected image of the density of the selected results or clicks (frequencies) of the respondents on a given question is enabled.

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