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Evaluation of Websites

The easiest way to evaluate a website is by using 1KA’s advanced modules, which divides your respondent’s browser window into two parts. In the first screen, the respondent views the website, while in the second screen, the respondent can fill in the survey, thus avoiding the constant switching between the questionnaire and the website. This functionality is only available to 3KA private package users.

1. Switching on website evaluation

  • The process of evaluation is more efficient if each survey question is on a separate page, as you can always specify a different web address;
  • To turn on the evaluation of websites, your questionnaire must be finished. First, you have to click on the 'Edit' menu (or icon with the wheel at the top of the page) and chose the option 'Website evaluation (split screen)' under the 'Advanced modules' category;
  • By selecting the 'Website evaluation' checkbox, you have enabled display settings where you can specify which pages will open during evaluation.

2. Evaluation of a single website

  • You should enter the URL of the page in the first input field 'Link:' in the 'Website evaluation' tab;
  • This enables that the upper part of the browser window remains unchanged, while the respondent moves through the pages of the questionnaire;
  • If desired, the respondent can easily click on the content of the website in the upper half of the browser window.

3. Evaluation of various different sub-pages (or different websites)

  • Questions about various sites can be posed by entering the URLs for each page separately;
  • This can be accomplished by the 'Additional pages' button under the 'Website evaluation' in the input fields e.g. 'Page 1', 'Page 2', etc.