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Different ways to display a question for the date

In the 1KA tool, we have various ways of inserting a question for the date:

  1. Insert the question type 'Date input', which you can select among the types of questions on the left side. It is possible to set the lower and uppers limits of the year view, but it can also turn on the clock selection. The question is shown to the respondent in the form of a calendar from which it selects the desired date and a possible hour.
  2. Insert the question type 'Numeric input'. If we want the respondent to enter the day, month and number separately, we insert 3 Number questions and arrange them in the block. When choosing a block, select a horizontal layout (see Structure the questionnaire in blocks). For each numerical question, we can also set limits (e.g., the respondent can only enter the number from 1 to 31 in the first filed representing the day). Respondents will thus display horizontally the fields for the day, month and year, in which they enter the answers in numerical form.
  3. Insert the question type 'Categories – Single answer' and choose the roulette layout. If we want the respondent to choose the day, month and number separately, we insert 3 questions with the roulette. We edit the questions in a block and choose a horizontal layout. We then add the possible answers to each roulette (for example, from 1900 to 2010). The respondent chooses a day, a month or a year from each corresponding list on the roulette.
  4. Insert question type 'Number table'. Select the number of horizontal categories – for example, 3 (for the day, month and year) – and name them. Instead of the text ‘Enter the answer text’, write ‘Date’, and erase the text of the question (Click and enter the text of the question). The respondent will be shown the date fields for each day, separately for the day, month and year in the form of a one-line table.

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