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Descriptive statistics

In the 'ANALYSE' – 'Statistics' tab, you have the option of choosing 'Descriptives' from the 'Select' dropdown menu, which will generate a table with all of the questions from your survey.

The table includes the name of the variable or category, the question with answers, the number of valid units, and the number or all units. The table also displays the average/percent, standard deviation, minimum and maximum, according to the type of variable.

Each question can be viewed in a new window, where you can view sums frequency, additional frequencies, descriptive statistics or basic frequencies, depending on the question type.

Each table can be exported to PDF, MS Word or MS Excel formats, or printed directly. Most questions also have a chart option and can be included in a custom report (click on the star icon to the left of the variable name).

Descriptive statistics can also be analysed with advanced analysis options and can be filtered according to segments, zoom, groups, variables, conditions, missing values, time period and unit status.

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