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Custom Reports

The 'Custom report' option in the 'ANALYSE' – 'Reports' tab allows you to generate a custom report, into which you can include selected variables in any order. The Custom reports are only available to 3KA private package users.

You can also customize the presentation of the variables, and have the following elements at your disposal:

  • sum;
  • frequencies;
  • descriptives;
  • charts;
  • tables;
  • multi tables;
  • averages;
  • t-test;
  • break.

You can also insert text, comments under variables and page breaks. You can also automatically insert elements from other analyses, by clicking on the star icon – 'Include in custom report' in the 'Statistics' or 'Charts' tabs. All settings for the element will also be transferred (e.g. chart type).

The custom report can be exported in PDF or RTF (MS Word) formats, or printed directly. You can always use the report preview option, by clicking on the magnifier icon under the report name.

You can create numerous custom reports (by clicking on the 'Report list') and switch between them by clicking on the report name (e.g. "Report 1"), where you can create, rename, delete or share reports with other survey editors. Other editors can only edit the selected report, but can not delete or rename it.

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