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Combining lists of email invitations

1KA allows for arbitrary grouping of existing lists of e-mail addresses:

  • Add and save lists of respondents in the 'PUBLISH' - 'Invitations' - 'Add' tab;
  • In the 'PUBLISH' - 'Invitations' - 'Lists' tab, you will find an overview of all stored lists, where you can choose between: 1) lists that relate to the current survey, 2) lists of respondents of all your surveys, 3) sending archives;
  • If you wish to combine respondents of multiple lists and include them in a new survey, you can select the chosen lists and click 'Edit'. The system will open a new list of all selected email addresses of respondents, which you need to save again. When generating a new list, the system will eliminate duplicate records and email addresses. If you want to use this combined list of respondents in a new survey, you must choose the possibility of a list of respondents of all your surveys (as explained above).
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