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Advanced Analysis Options

Advanced analysis options allow you to analyse your data according to segments, groups, variables, missing values, statuses, conditions and time period. You can also use the option ZOOM. Advanced analysis is only available to 2KA and 3KA private package users.

You can perform a number of advanced analyses using the 1KA tool. Once the survey is concluded and all the data has been gathered, simply click on the 'ANALYSE' - 'Statistics' tab. Each sub-section has the option 'Filtering' (funnel icon), which provides an array of options for the manipulation of data.

  • The 'Settings' option allows you to set general analysis displays, empty questions, general analysis settings, table settings, chart settings, exports of respondents’ answers and exports of the survey.
  • The 'Segments' option allows you to determine the variables for which you would like to segment the data, thus conducting analysis for a narrower population. The settings can be applied temporarily, or you can create a new profile. An example: you select the option ‘Settings’, and a window with the option of selecting a segment of a variable appears, e.g. gender. After clicking on the selected variable and the button for the display of data, the option of selecting a specific response is displayed above the data table. You may select ‘Male’, and the data will be altered accordingly.
  • The 'Zoom' option enables you to filter data according to answers of a single variable. For more, please consult the ZOOM manual.
  • The option 'Groups' allows you to divide the data into groups according to variables, which means that data tables will be generated according to each individual answer of the selected variable. A new window will appear, with all the variables listed on the left. Simply select the desired variable and transfer it to the window on the right. You can save the settings as a new profile or run it temporarily. An analysis based on each answer of the selected variable will be generated.
  • Option 'Variables' enables selection of desired variables that are later incorporated into analysis. Untick the variables from the list that you don't want to have shown, and leave those that you want to have shown ticked. Options can be saved as a new profile or be run temporarily. Analysis for the desired variable is then run.
  • The 'Conditions' option enables you to create conditions for the display of the analysis, based on variables.
  • The 'Missing value' option allows you to set which missing answers are displayed, as well as with which types of analysis.
  • The option 'Dates' allows you to set the time period for which you would like to generate an analysis.
  • The 'Statuses' option allows the selection of data for analysis based on the status of the survey. You must first generate a new profile in order to regulate the display of data based on status.
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