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Advanced adding of images as an answer

With questions types 'category – one answer' and 'category – multiple answers' advanced adding of pictures as an answer can be turned on. Picture can then be added and shown as an answer with one click.

If you want to turn this option on click on the question you want to set it to. On the right side of the site question editor is then opened.

In the editor in the tab 'Basic' under 'Response categories' option 'Image as answer' is shown. If we tick the box of this option on the left side before the text icon for uploading a picture will be shown.

By clicking on an icon 'image info' window is opened where URL of desired picture can be entered. You can also click on icon next to the field 'Upload picture' and upload a picture from your computer.

When adding picture from your computer new window is opened. Click on 'Choose file', choose desired picture from directory on your computer and click 'Open'. In input field 'URL', URL of your picture that was uploaded to 1KA server is shown. Size and position of your picture can be set as you wish. It is added into question/answer by clicking on button 'OK'.