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The 1KA web tool allows overview of user's activity in the application itself. This option is available only to administrators and managers. Click on the homepage - 'My surveys' opens a new page with the new menu, where you can select a navigation called 'Activities'.

In the 'Activities' – 'Surveys' you can examine through the:

  • number of relevant surveys you have created;
  • number of email invitations sent via 1KA system;
  • number of pages or clicks on the pages of they survey;
  • number of analyses you have run;
  • number of graphs you have created in 1KA;
  • number of survey edits.

From the drop-down list, you can select the time period fo which you want a detailed insight. You can also look at your activities for a longer and exact period. You can also review weekly, monthly, yearly and complete reports on the:

  • number of new and all surveys;
  • number of edits;
  • number of new and all responses;
  • number of new and all registered users.
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