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1KA online tool provides an overview of user activity within the application itself. This option is only available to administrators and managers. On the home page, click on the 'My surveys' and a new site with a new menu will open where you can select the 'Activities' navigation.

In the 'Activities' - 'Surveys' tab you can see:

  • the number of valid surveys that you have created,
  • the number of email invitations sent via 1KA;
  • the number of pages or clicks through the pages of the survey;
  • the number of analyses that you have run;
  • the number of graphs that you have created in 1KA and
  • the number of survey edits.

From the drop-down list you can choose a desired period for which you want the overview of activites. You can also filter activities based on a longer and specified period of time.

You can view the weekly, monthly, annual and complete reports on:

  • the number of new and all surveys;
  • the number of edits;
  • the number of new and all responses;
  • the number of new and all registered users.
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