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Why can't I select 'All units' when overviewing data?

When viewing the data in the 'DATA' – 'Browse' tab, we have the option of filtering by looking at only the relevant units (units with status 5 – partially completed and 6 – completed survey) or all units (including empty units – e.g. respondents that only clicked on the introductory page).

The user can switch and filter the data according to his needs. In this case, there is a limit of 3000 units – if there are more than 3000 units, the user has no more options to switch to the All units view, as this can significantly lengthen the page loading time.

In the event that the user needs insight into the data or para data of all units (also inadequate), please contact the help centre using the form and ask for an export of all data in Excel or SPSS. Exporting data into different formats is one of the paid services.