Web Survey Question Types - Page 1

1.1.1  Questions with nominal measurement - open-ended response format:

Open-ended text entries


Layout formats, sub-types and examples

Text box for shorter narrative answer

Alternative names: Textbox, Text response, Text entry - single line, Open-ended text - single line, Short free text, Text field (single row).

Please enter one word:

Text area for longer narrative answer

Alternative names: Text entry - multiline, Paragraph text, Open-ended text, Text field - multiple rows

Please enter a sentence that is currently on your mind:

Non-narrative answer (e.g. CAPTCHA codes, URL, email address)

Alternative names:

Please enter correct CAPTCHA code:

Please enter an URL address:

(e.g. http://www.google.com)


Please enter an email address:

(e.g. john.doe@gmail.com)

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