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Dear Sir or Madam,
Researchers at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies, in cooperation with the Tourist Board Portorož, are conducting a research on specific aspects of visiting the destination Portorož/Piran. The survey is completely anonymous, as the individual answers will not be published and the results are always based on the all answers received. We kindly ask for your cooperation to help improve the quality  of the destination.

How many days are you staying at the destination this time? 

What was the aim of your holidays?

Multiple answers are possible

Please evaluate the quality of different elements of our destination PORTOROŽ&PIRAN :

Very poor Poor Average Good Very good
Restaurants , cafes, and bars 
Cultural attractions 
Variety of excursions
Local transport (busses&taxi)
Events and festivals
Sports activities
Transport  infrastructure (roads,  parking , traffic signs...)
Ambiance of parks and surroundings
Behavior and professionalism of the staff
Kindness of local residents
Cleanliness of the destination
Personal safety
Value for money
Fulfillment of expectations

How would you rate the overall satisfaction at the destination?

Who is accompanying you on your current visit to this tourist destination??

Multiple answers are possible

How many persons were in your group, without you?

Vpišite besedilo
Adults (over 18)
Young people (aged 14 to 18 years)
Kids (aged 6 to 14 years)
Kids (aged up to 6 years)

How many times have you visited Portorož&Piran prior to this visit? If this is the first time, write 0.

How much have you spent in total per person for the following:

Food and drinks
Activities at the destination

In what type of accomodation did you stay?

Month of visit

Place of survey (If you evaluate online leave empty)


How old are you?

Please indicate your highest level of achieved education.


Your current status is:

Have you changed your travelling habits due to the COVID situation?

Travelling habits have been considerably changed because of the coronavirus crisis. Could you please share your experience about your changing habits due to the coronavirus situation. Please confirm or deny the following statements. 

I am willing to travel more by car or I am already travelling more by car due to the coronavirus situation.
Due to the coronavirus situation, at present, I mostly travel individually or in a closed group.
Due to the coronavirus situation, I tend to choose destinations in a closer vicinity (within 1000 kilometres’ reach).)
Due to the coronavirus situation, I opt for travel reservations at the last minute.
Due to the coronavirus situation, I take a vacation multiple times per year.
Due to the coronavirus situation, I stay at a destination for more days.
Due to the coronavirus situation, I opt for organized travels, with tour operators or travel agency.
Due to the coronavirus situation, I tend to spend more money at a destination
Due to the coronavirus situation, I choose destinations with a lower rate of infection.
Due to the coronavirus situation, I choose safer destinations, which ensure guests’ safety measures against the coronavirus.
Due to the coronavirus situation, I would rather choose destinations where there is no need to get tested.

We are very grateful for your cooperation.   All participants who provide their E-mail  will be entered into a draw organised by Tourist Board Portorož with the opportunity to win one of the  attractive prizes.

Do you want to participate in the draw?

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