Needs for new products, applications and services

As part of the DEAS project (EU-Interreg Alpine Space project), we are interested in your needs and preferences for new products and services that could improve your everyday life.

The focus of this survey are the needs for new services or applications (like on-line and mobile apps) that are based on Open Data, which is data that is freely available to anyone to use, reuse and redistribute without restriction on copyright and publishing. Based on your answers we will provide a study that will contribute to the unlocking of the potential of data driven services, so we kindly thank you for your contribution. Open data can be significant for our everyday lives.

Most recently, open data is highly important when dealing with the ongoing COVID - 19 global emergency, since a huge exploitation of open data is contributing to the development of various solutions for the health sector, but also better information for citizens about the current situation in their local environments.

The questionnaire is composed of a limited number of concrete questions that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. Your valuable feedback is very much appreciated. Individual responses to this survey will only be used by the researcher, and will be kept securely. No responses will be attributed to individuals in the analysis of the survey and the identity of respondents will be protected. Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you wish to end your participation and/or remove your information from this study you can do so by contacting the researcher at any time. 

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