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The left or right brain test is adapted based on the Left Brain Right Brain on PersonalityTest.net.

You have 20 statements. Based on your answers, the test will calculate which half of your brain works better.

I'm writing a to-do list to help me organize my activity schedule.
I make important decisions through logical thinking rather than intuition.
I take risks several times.
If I have a lot of assignments, I start with the most difficult one.
Rules and restrictions are important for the effective functioning of the society.
It's easier for me to remember faces than names.
I usually know what time it is without checking.
I often use my hands when I speak.
Everything can be done right or wrong.
Sometimes I act spontaneously regardless of the consequences.
When someone asks me a question, I tilt my head to the right.
I'm more of an artistic type of person than a technical person.
I pay more attention to what people say than to the way they speak.
I move home furniture twice or three times a year.
Before I start composing, I read the instructions.
My desk is usually shabby.
I am rarely late.
Sometimes it is difficult for me to express in words.
It bothers me if I do not understand quite every situation.
I prefer Algebra than geometry.

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