STOP stakeholder survey

Invitation to engage with the STOP project, aimed at halting childhood obesity in the EU

Your organisation has been identified as a key stakeholder and/or right-holder on the theme of childhood obesity. On behalf of the STOP project consortium, we would like to invite you to engage with us in a participatory process aimed at informatively exploring the most effective ways to tackle childhood obesity.  

The STOP project (Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy) is a major initiative funded under the EU Horizon 2020 research programme launched this year (http://www.stopchildobesity.eu). The aim of the STOP project is to find the most successful and effective approaches to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity, while helping children already suffering the disease to get the best support. 

Benefits of engaging:

  • The current EU Action Plan on childhood obesity is set to expire in 2020, with the possibility for a new strategic framework to be defined. Lessons learned from the STOP project, including through the stakeholder engagement process, can be proposed as input for the EU's future strategic engagement in the area.
  • Likewise, good practice policies and actions identified under STOP may be shared through the Best Practice Portal, offering the possibility to propose your projects and activities for assessment and potential inclusion.
  • Joining the STOP stakeholders network will provide the opportunity to flexibly share your expertise and views on different areas relevant to fighting obesity as a multidimensional challenge, also by joining STOP conferences and events. You will also receive the latest, in-depth and practical insights on the topic of tackling childhood obesity, including with reference to the CO-CREATE project.  

Invitation to participate in STOP questionnaire:
Your cooperation is really important, because views of your organisation can not be replaced by any other. By collaborating, you will make a significant contribution to the quality of the data collected and to the reliability of the results and applicability of the STOP recommendations. By thus you also contribute to the creation of arguments to achieve the goals of reducing childhood obesity in the EU.
  • In the questionnaire, we guarantee you complete anonymity of your answers. The personal data  and the identification data on your organization are not collected in the questionnaire, and the IP address tracking is disabled.
  • All data collected with this survey will be used exclusively for the purposes of the STOP project. Your answers will be handled with care and confidentiality. The research reports will be presented to the stakeholders at different STOP events and published in summarized form at the NIJZ, ICL and project partners websites and in professional publications.
Each answer counts and will provide a more complete insight into the challenges of childhood obesity, so we would like to thank you very much for participating in the survey.

For further details on the project and stakeholder engagement process, please contact:
stop@nijz.si or stop-management@imperial.ac.uk

STOP Coordinator: Prof. Franco Sassi, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (ICL)
STOP WP10 coordinator: Dr. Mojca Gabrijelčič, National Institute of Public Health Slovenia (NIJZ)

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