Researcher Engagement with Data Management


About this template

This project aims to collect case studies from different organisations around the globe on how to engage with the research community about research data management. By asking various questions about the models used and also about the organisational context, we hope to create a useful resource for organisations which are looking to increase their engagement with their research communities.

Who should fill this in?

Anyone who would like to share their case study. Don’t worry about someone else from your organisation contributing the same story - we will review, consolidate and de-duplicate all the content received and we will attribute all the contributors.

How to fill this in?

Please think about methods of researcher engagement you use which you think might be of interest to other organisations. If you would like to mention several ways of engaging researchers, please fill in the template below for every method separately.

Please indicate as many activities as you like by repeating the template below for every method separately. If you do not want to list them all, indicate the one(s) you think might be of greater interest to other organisations.

If you don’t know the answers to some of the questions, skip them.

What will happen with the data?

We will edit and publish case studies under CC BY licence on the RDA website and as a textbook (we reserve the right not to publish all the case studies submitted). We will attribute all the published contributors and indicate your affiliations, unless you indicate that you prefer your name/your organisational affiliation not to be indicated. All contributions will be reviewed and edited before publishing and the authors will be contacted before the case studies are published to approve the content. If no contact information is provided, the members of this RDA project will do the editing.

By answering the questions below you agree for the data processing as described above.

For any questions, please contact the project coordinator Marta Teperek: m.teperek@tudelft.nl


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