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Welcome to the online survey, where you can rate your level of prior knowledge in singing. We will be glad if we keep the contact after viewing the results. and Robert Feguš 
Slovenska verzija

1. Chin when singing

2. The best position of relaxation when singing is created in the area

3. The eyebrows when singing sad contents

4. The centre of singing strength is located

5. The air, that is left after the phrase was sung till the end

6. A correct singing inhale is made

7. To inhale with the feeling

8. We direct the energy of the singing inhale

9. Direction of viewing (focus) when singing is

10. Transition between inhaling and singing

11. During singing the air

12. Strengthening the voice resonance

13. Diaphragm during singing 

14. We strengthen the resonance of the vowel "i" (India)

15. At the vowel "A" (America) the tongue should be

16. The vowel "E" (Eric) is mostly held up

17. The German vowel Ü is performed

18. Singing energy

19. Does a vocal coach do more harm than be useful when performing modern popular music in a classical way? 

20. When setting intensity, colour and intonation into polyphonic playing music… you have to pay attention to listening to