Psychosocial Support for Promoting Mental Health and Well-being among Adolescent Young Carers - Stran 1

Do you attend senior year in compulsory school or the first or second year of upper secondary school?
Can you tell us what you do every day?
Take twenty minutes to answer our survey about young people in Europe.

A research survey on how we can support and make it easier for those who provide assistence or support or for a parent, sibling or friend.

We would like you to answer the questionnaire even if you do not support any parent, sibling or friend. We are interested in your answers anyway.
Since January this year we are conducting a research project, at Linnaeus University, in order to develop various forms of support for young people who provide assistance or support for a parent, sibling or friend. It may be you who take responsibility for everyday tasks at home, because one of your parents is not feeling well. You may take responsibility for and looking after your siblings, act as an interpreter for your parents or grandparents, or help and support close relatives in other ways.
The background to the survey is that many young people, almost every tenth, provide assistance and support to a close relative. It is not unusual for these young people to feel bad and to get into school difficulties.
The project, which is a three-year EU project, is conducted in Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia. I the County of Kalmar, the following municipalities are involved: Borgholm, Emmaboda, Kalmar, Mönsterås, Mörbylånga, Nybro, Oskarshamn, Torsås, Vimmerby and Västervik. Young people from other municipalities are also welcome to fill in the questionnaire. The organization Maskrosbarn (the Dandelion Children), that works to support young people that have a parent with substance abuse issues or mental health issues, will also participate in the project.

The purpose of the research project
The project aims to develop support that works for young people. In order to be able to do that, we need to know more about your and other young people’s experiences and wishes.

As a first step in this project, we will conduct an online survey to all students in elementary school year 9, and upper secondary school grades 1-2. You will get a link to the survey questionnaire, and you will get an opportunity to complete the survey during school time.
The survey is completely anonymous and it will not be possible to identify someone who answered the questionnaire. The results will be presented later this year, and will be sent to all schools. The results will also be available from the Linnaeus University website. It is optional to answer the questionnaire and you may withdraw at any time without affecting your studies.

Information and questions
If you have questions, concerns, or would like to discuss something, please contact Liza or Rosita:
Liza Leonhardt, project coordinator and school social worker
e-mail: liza.leonhardt@lnu.se phone: 072-2134703, 0480-41 80 60 
Rosita Brolin, researcher and nurse
e-mail: rosita.brolin@lnu.se phone: 072-5941613
Kalmar 1st August 2018
Lennart Magnusson 
Associate Professor
Responsible for the work
with the survey
Phone: 0480-418021 
Elizabeth Hanson
Responsible for the 
Phone: 0480-418022
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