Stakeholder survey on priorities in health services and policy research and innovation


What is this survey about?
To identify challenges and problems in health services and systems that should be researched. Your views will help developing a Strategic Research Agenda that will help national and European funding agencies to prioritise key research questions for future research.

Why is this important?
Countries in Europe are all facing many challenges in how to best organise and finance health and care services to meet the diverse and changing health needs of an ageing population. There is much to gain from collaborative research at European level, to help find solutions and inform decision making on health services and systems.

Who can respond?
Anyone. This is an open survey. We are interested in the views of researchers, decision-makers, patients, carers, health and social care workers, and any interested member of the public.

Will my responses by identifiable?
No. All responses are treated anonymously, although we will ask some general information about your background.

How long does this survey take?
Approximately 15 min, depending on your answers. You can pause at any time and continue later, by using the "continue later" option provided in the upper right corner of the page.

Can I respond in my own language?
We would encourage you to respond in English. We will however do our best to also consider responses in languages other than English.

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