IMEAS survey
on energy planning and implementation actions

IMEAS - Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space - is a project funded under the Alpine Space Programme, involving 12 partners from the Alpine Region.
IMEAS aims at creating a new integrated approach and common tools to enhance the ability of Public Administrations, agencies and other institutions to plan integrated and sustainable energy policies and to select the right measures and instruments to implement them. IMEAS partners will in particular work on the alignment of incentives that drive decision making process, on the multi-dimensional integration and on the enhancement of the capacity needed for effective energy planning and implementation processes. The final goal is the co-design of an efficient low carbon energy model for the Alpine Region.
This survey will help to identify the key actions and to outline a common baseline for integrated energy planning in the Alpine Region. It collects information about energy and climate strategies, plans and measures.
It takes about 30 minutes, if possible please fill in the survey in English, although localized versions in Italian, French, German and Slovenian are also available.
For further information on IMEAS project please visit IMEAS web page ( or write an e-mail to the project coordinator (
Thank you for your support!

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