Weiss Tea Time - BSF 2023 Masterpost Submission Form - Stran 1

If you want to contribute to the Weiss Tea Time BSF 2023 masterpost, please fill out the form below!

I'm looking for players who will be present at the events so that I can get first-hand information about which sets topped, and hopefully also the relevant decklists.

Important: if you will be asking other people for their decklists, please be clear about the fact that the lists will be posted publicly. Some people may not want their lists to be shared right after the tournament for any reason, so please respect that.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Twitter (@EccentricAvis) or Discord (SoulGem#1781).

Thanks in advance for helping out!

Which regionals do you want to submit information for?

You can select future events as well - I'll contact you after the event to ask for info if I need to :)

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